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by Bft500
2018 Feb 09 13:11
Forum: Introductions
Topic: 08 jeep factory stereo
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08 jeep factory stereo

Looking to see if anyone knows how to power up a factory deck. I have the amp as well hooked up the power ground can bus wires according to colour code and all I get is cycling of CD changer and screen lights up for track number Then it shuts down ????
by Bft500
2018 Feb 09 11:59
Forum: CAN Projects
Topic: Low Speed radio power up
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Re: Low Speed radio power up

Hey I’m stuck as well I have. 2008 Jeep that I took the stereo one amp out of I hooked up can bus wires and speaker wires power and ground and the stereo just goes threw the eject CD mode then turns off. What other wires need to be hooked up ? Does all the speakers need to be hooked up? Let me know ...