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by CIRC1977
2020 Oct 27 00:35
Forum: CAN Projects
Topic: Chrysler CAN-C Listings
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Re: Chrysler CAN-C Listings

The crossfire is a totally different animal compared to the lx platforms. A lot of can c messages are industry standard when it comes to obd2 information but other stuff is proprietary . Crossfire is all Mercedes and I think uses can c for module to module communication but uses sci single wire to m...
by CIRC1977
2018 Jan 30 01:26
Forum: CAN Interface
Topic: CDA - information
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Re: CDA - information

I have played with this program, a big learning curve.
by CIRC1977
2018 Jan 29 01:50
Forum: CAN Projects
Topic: 2014 Dodge Charger
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Re: 2014 Dodge Charger

appreciate the info I'm reading through the forums a lot of good info. my only question is how can a device like the "zauto tazer" or the "Avidcode #carconnect" be able to plug into the OBDII port and be able to manipulate the system. I was bale to get some .bin files from the &...