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by vaircom
2015 May 27 02:27
Forum: Microcontroller Code
Topic: elm327 + Arduino= CD changer
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elm327 + Arduino= CD changer

hi there! I have written code for my arduino cdc emulator. how its should work: cd emulator listing RX until recieving"8D 0F XX XX XX" then should respond to stereo 8D 93 01 Transmition part working fine. but I still facing problem with recieving and recognizing data. 8D OF 8D HEX TO DECIM...
by vaircom
2015 May 27 01:05
Forum: Microcontroller Code
Topic: cd changer =ELM327+arduino
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cd changer =ELM327+arduino

Hi all! I have written simple code that send commands to stereo (jeep) to be able to activate CD changers inputs. the connection is stereo to ELM327 (pin 2 (J1850)) to Arduino ( pin 7 and8) its works only if I change if ((strtol(&rxData[0],0,16)==141) to if ((strtol(&rxData[0],0,16)>0) The p...