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by ve7it
2010 Oct 27 14:49
Forum: CAN Interface
Topic: Jeep Wrangler Can Interior Bus
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Jeep Wrangler Can Interior Bus

While doing some cruising through the 2007 Wrangler service manual, I found that the CAN interior bus (radio, amp, dash cluster, Intrusion transceiver module) is available on the OBDII connector as listed below: Pin 3 CIB+ (interior bus) Pin 11 CIB- Pin 6 Diagnostic CAN C+ (normal OBDII CAN connecti...
by ve7it
2010 Oct 25 20:47
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Jeep Wrangler Canbus Junkie
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Jeep Wrangler Canbus Junkie

Hi Guys, Just bought a 2010 wrangler basic because mechanically it is one of the few vehicles were you can still see and access most of the mechanical systems. It has a real frame with all the bits bolted on, so I am hoping it has a long life without too much time in the dealership. I am amazed at a...