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by bcrodick
2021 Apr 25 14:53
Forum: Site Announcements
Topic: User registration closed
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Re: User registration closed

Based on guest visits, it appears that there may be a new generation of interest. Are volunteers needed to help monitor or otherwise support the site for make it viable? Can I help?
by bcrodick
2021 Mar 24 11:09
Forum: Microcontroller Code
Topic: Code to add can bus message
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Re: Code to add can bus message

Hello Akell042088, Configuring a controller to monitor and respond to CAN messages is a very useful tool that I hope to master also. Please post your thoughts here. Collaboration is the best way to learn. I'm hoping to solve CAN development questions using Microchip products. It will be a steep lear...
by bcrodick
2021 Mar 23 03:23
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hi from Germany
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Re: Hi from Germany

Hello ash@eds,
The CANHack site is currently open.
You have a wonderful organization in Germany, Peak Systems Technik.
I'm considering purchasing their P-CAN Explorer.
Have you considered it?

best regards,
Mechanicsville, VA USA ( :D Happy Coincidence)
by bcrodick
2021 Mar 23 03:16
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hello
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Re: Hello

Hello Brian1e,
The CANHack forum is open again, I'm learning but hope to help if you are still interested.
My son-in-law is working on Dodge 1-ton of the same era.
Are you still interested?
Best regards,
Mechanicsville, VA ( :D Happy coincidence)
by bcrodick
2021 Mar 23 03:09
Forum: Introductions
Topic: hack the planet
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Re: hack the planet

Hello Elf, Great to meet you. I was fortunate to find a salvage dealer who allowed me to purchase and remove an ECM (brand) electronic servo system for hand control of gas/brake from a Chrysler mini-van. I installed it in our mini-van for my wife who really appreciated the independence. I still have...
by bcrodick
2021 Mar 23 02:52
Forum: Introductions
Topic: New member, Jaguar fan in Mechanicsville, VA USA
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New member, Jaguar fan in Mechanicsville, VA USA

Hello fellow hackers! I'm a retired mechanical engineer, free to peruse my first love, electronics! Automotive CAN hacking merges two favorites: electronics and mechanical. I am new to CAN hacking, so there is much to be learned but I hope to share too, whenever possible. My present project is a 201...
by bcrodick
2021 Mar 23 01:57
Forum: CAN Interface
Topic: General Questions on CAN
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Re: General Questions on CAN

Hello Joe, I'm also just getting started. Basing my initial effort using Microchip products because they are said to be a supplier to Ford and Jaguar in my era of interest. I've purchased the CAN Bus Analyzer APGDT002, the LIN Bus Analyzer APGDT001 and the CAN Bus Monitor Demo Board Kit MCP2515DM-BM...