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by elf
2020 May 19 09:39
Forum: CAN Interface
Topic: CAN message IDs used in Volkswagen GOLF MK5
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Re: CAN message IDs used in Volkswagen GOLF MK5

i don't know much about VW but i do know something things about the handsfree on the steering wheel. on some of the vehicle that ive work on like say the toyota i know it works with resistance to ground. if it is CAN bus i never saw it on the obd CAN bus. i know some vehicles lock out the obd and iv...
by elf
2020 May 18 13:40
Forum: Introductions
Topic: hack the planet
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hack the planet

my name is elf i love working on cars but not for speed. i love the electronic side of it and i been able to dominate the area but having help is always appreciated. i build vehicles for people with disability and when some call it hacking i see it as making the vehicle accessible for them. to expla...