2009 Radio Project

Ideas and discussion of what to do with the CAN Bus ( i.e. XMDirect, iPod, Carputer, etc... )
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2009 Radio Project

Post by jim_ee »

Trying to use an ELM327 to interface with a radio from a 2009 Sebring[RES]. I am using an ELM327 chip and am having trouble with finding the right CAN bus rate. I have tried 500/250/125/83.33 so far. The 83.33 comes closest to working. Most of the rates just give RTR responses on power up. 83.33 has rx errors etc.

2nd question is - Would it likely be 11 bit headers or possibly 29?

I found the radio connector pinout to be different on this radio [ pin 2 =CAN lo, pin 13 = CAN hi] , traced the schematic out and found the CAN transceiver to be NXP TJA1054 equivalent.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for looking.
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Re: 2009 Radio Project

Post by BCasey »

apparently 08 and up LX's ( charger, 300 ) and i think the LC's ( challengers ) are using 125kbaud, not 100% on the serbring but read on here that 125kbaud should work for the newer models.
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Re: 2009 Radio Project

Post by linuxkidd »

BCasey is correct. The newer models use 125kbaud for CAN-B now. Also, you should expect 11 bit headers unless they've changed that from the first run as well. I've not done any captures on the 125kbaud CAN-B, so this is just speculation.

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